2005-09-12 - Jet Action

Our last stop before heading to the airport was by the Shotover River to watch the jet boats in action. They're incredible to watch because of the speed they go at and the insanely shallow water they can travel in (only a few centimeters deep). The drivers are of course very skilled and look almost casual as they throw 360 degree spins when docking.

Before we arrived I had a few ideas in my mind of the sorts of photos I wanted to capture. The front on coming-at-you angle was one such photo. Add to this the backlit spray and it makes for a pretty dramatic shot. I'm pleased with the way this turned out but if I was being picky I'd say the light is too harsh, even after a bit of dual processing and blending of the RAW file (similar to yesterday's photo).

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Fred I think this is a great shot. Why? The spray. Like you said, it makes for a dramatic shot. What was the shutter speed set for this?
Stephen Cameron Thanks Fred. Shutter speed was 1/1250s - I could have gone higher but I didn't want to underexpose the background too much.