2006-01-13 - Trumpet Salute

Harry from The Cat Empire on trumpet.

I'm in two minds about this shot. I like the way Harry melds into the background but I'm not sure if there's quite enough contrast between the dark and the light. I'm also a little unsure of the keyboard player in the bottom of the frame - a point of interest or a distraction?

Anyway, that's my submission for this Black (and White) Friday...

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Ela This is a really cool shot!!! – you shouldn’t be in two minds about it! I personally think that the contrast is perfect – not too strong and giving the picture a very specific and interesting (a bit "smokey") atmosphere. As for the keyboard player I don’t think he spoils the photo – for me it works really nicely like that ...although I guess the shot would be also really cool with just the trumpet man….
Anonymous Black and white is a good choice especially since the original was so colourful. I'm not sure about the keyboard player(Ollie McGill)either, but I think he adds a dimension to this shot that makes it different to the rest- not just a single figure under a spray of stage light(those shots are wicked, but you have a few of those and variety is always good). Great shot tho.. one of my favourites from the set... (Btw. Nice pun funny boy;)
Trudy This IS amazing. Incredible.
To my eye, Ollie (as cool as he is) needs to go ... maybe you could try a bit of Photoshopping for fun and take him out. Gorgeous photo Stephen, and I just love Harry ... he is my favourite!