2005-04-01 - Illuminated Apostles

Well, I've made it to my first mini-milestone: 1 month of daily photos! It has been a lot of fun and although I've had a very busy month with other commitments, I'm pleased with what I've been able to achieve with this photolog. Thanks to all who have commented!

I have been working on some new features and layout tweaks but haven't had time to properly test and implement them yet. They'll be coming soon I hope...

About today's photo: I thought I'd post a special shot; one of my best from last year. This shot of the Apostles is certainly nothing very original, but it remains one of my favourite shots. It was one of those occasions where everything was just perfect for a short moment and I was lucky enough to be there. We visited the 12 Apostles at both dusk and dawn and the weather was not great - very overcast with flat light. I was quite disappointed and then suddenly, the sun broke through and lit up the scene. It only lasted for about 30 seconds at most and then it was gone but it was pure magic while it lasted. The golden light on the rocks is what really makes this shot for me.

For the record: this photo is not edited at all, just resized. I could probably enhance it a bit but I think I like it in its "natural" state.