2005-04-29 - Take This, Superman!

Some explanation is required for this photo, as it is a bit of an in joke...
At work for the last few months, we've had a mascot for our department - Spiderman. Being web developers and designers, we thought Spidey was the perfect mascot. Originally he was a Christmas present given to my friend / colleague and since then, he has become a real office favourite.

I know what you're probably thinking - how can a Spiderman figurine be so entertaining? Well, this is no ordinary toy, I can assure you! On an almost daily basis we were finding new poses for him - from the zen lotus position to funky break-dancing moves, he could do it all! Spiderman was also known to go on little "adventures" while his owner, David, was away from his desk... Being an in joke, it is hard to explain any more than that so you'll just have to believe me about the humour in it if you can't imagine it :-)

On a more serious note, the reason I'm posting this today is that it was Spiderman's last day with us. Or more to the point, David's last day in the job. Good luck with your new job, my friend - make sure you come back and visit!