2005-08-15 - The Black Seeds

The main performers on the night were The Black Seeds, a cool NZ based reggae/funk band. It was the first time I'd heard of them but I really enjoyed the show. There were hundreds of people packed into the small area in front of the stage and overflowing off onto the street. This made it really hard to move around and take photos but at least I never felt the cold!

I was lucky to find a spot quite close to the stage and that's where I remained the whole time. It would have been nice to get some other angles but it was almost impossible to move around in the crowd. Even with my trusty 50mm F/1.8 and ISO 1600, I struggled to get many good shots under the often dim lights (manual exposure all the way). This was one of the ones that turned out quite well but it is still not very sharp and is very grainy, which I don't mind too much in this situation.