2005-09-14 - One Love

A couple of weeks after our return from New Zealand, the land of many photo opportunities, I found myself again with the opportunity to get a few interesting shots. This opportunity came at the annual Childers Multicultural Festival. This was my first time at the festival so I was interested to check it out. As expected there were plenty of colourful characters out and about. The light on the day wasn't as kind as I'd hoped but you can't have everything.

The festival was very well attended with estimates of almost 50,000 people over the two days. The highlight for me was the live music, particularly a Samoan Reggae group whose lead singer features in today's photo. I'm happy with this shot for a lot of reasons but my favourite thing about it is the reflection of the crowd and sky caught in his sunglasses (looks even better at the full resolution).

More photos from the day to follow...