2005-10-19 - Nigel and Sarah

It's funny the way things happen. About 6 weeks ago I was given the opportunity to help photograph a wedding. I was to be the second photographer - a perfect way get some good experience without all the pressure or expectations. I prepared as best I could for the day and to my relief, everything went very well and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

At the time I was still busy here posting a backlog of photos from my NZ trip so I decided I would finish those before posting any wedding shots. It just so happened that today I found myself up to that point. The funny thing? While at work today, I was flipping through the local newspaper (looking for the comics!) and right there in the middle of the paper I saw the above photo in full colour taking up about a third of the page as part of a wedding feature. Good timing!

The only slightly disappointing part about it was that I didn't get credit for the photo. It seems that there was a mix up and the newspaper put the name of the other photographer. I'm not really worried though, it's good just seeing the photo in print and nice that the bride and groom chose this photo.