2005-11-01 - Have a Bet

Today was Melbourne Cup Day, the one day each year where the nation stops to watch a horse race. Unless you live in Australia and have experienced a few Melbourne Cups, it is probably hard to imagine what it is like. Everything literally stops - businesses close their doors, schools halt lessons, the streets are deserted... and that's if they haven't already taken the whole day off. All this for a horse race! I think it says a lot about Australia's love of sport and having the odd bet. I'm not much of a gambler but I'm pleased to report that I tripled my money today (a whopping $6) in the office sweep.

About the photo: I took this a while ago for use as part of a design job (hence the very plain background). I know it's a little boring like this but I thought it was the perfect shot for this national day of gambling.