2005-11-13 - Eyes on the Prize

This is Minx, The Flying Wonder Dog. You might recognise her from previous entries. If there's a ball or a stick to be chased, Minx is your dog. Nothing stops her - not even a fence 3 times her height!

When I first saw Minx sail over this fence, I knew it would make for some interesting photo opportunities. From a technical point of view, this shot proved to be a bit of a challenge. First of all, auto-focus tracking was out of the question because the fence was in the way. No problem: just set a focus point on the fence line and wait for her to come into focus... Easier said than done - I soon realised just how little depth of field I had while maintaining a reasonable shutter speed. Fortunately though, it's all digital and Minx has almost boundless amounts of energy and patience.

Stay tuned for further adventures with Minx, The Flying Wonder Dog!