2006-09-01 - Proud Dragon

I found this bearded dragon a couple of days ago in the garden, catching a few rays on a log. While not as colourful as the previous specimen I captured, I think it makes up for it in character. Maybe it's my imagination but I thought this particular lizard looked very proud. The way it is standing up on the log reminds me a bit of the scene out of The Lion King with Simba standing on Pride Rock.

The whole time I was taking photos, the lizard didn't move a muscle except for its eye, which followed me everywhere. It was quite a funny sight - like a possessed painting where the eyes follow you.

You may notice that the lower part of the shot looks a bit hazy. This is because I lay on my stomach in the grass to get this shot and there were some out-of-focus blades of grass in the way. I considered making this a black and white shot but I liked the colours too much.