2006-09-21 - Nano Brothers

Lately I've become fascinated with wireless flash and the endless creative possibilities it provides. In this shot, I wanted to really isolate the subject so I added a long (~1m) snoot to the flash, resulting in a spotlight effect. The next trick was to make sure the screens on the iPods were correctly exposed by taking a spot reading off the screens and using that as the base. Thanks go to Ben and Carey for their help in setting this shot up!

If you hadn't guessed by their size, these are iPod Nanos - 2gig and 8gig models. They both belong to my friend Carey. You may be wondering why anyone needs two iPods. Funny story there... Just a couple of weeks after buying the first one, there was an unfortunate washing machine incident. Strangely enough, the iPod Nano didn't appreciate being washed and refused to even power up -- at least until the new model had been ordered, after which it miraculously came to life. Lesson learned: don't wash your iPod unless you want to wait a few months for it to dry out!

In other news: After 232 days of ownership of the D200 I passed 10,000 shots today. I'd only just started this photolog when I reached the 10k mark with my D70. Interestingly, it took me almost the same amount of time with the D70 - 239 days. Before you think I'm too weird for knowing all this, it was really very easy to work out thanks to sequential numbering on all the photos and this handy calculator.