2007-09-19 - Blind Light

Although I was only in London for a few short days, I managed to pack a lot in. Sleep is for sissies.

After a tip from a friend, Saskia and I went to check out an art exhibition at the Hayward Gallery called Blind Light by Antony Gormley. I was really impressed by the exhibition and it was special in that it didn't just occupy the gallery - it was scattered across the inner city with sculptures visible all over the skyline. The highlight though was a room filled with a thick fog and strong light, making for zero visibility - you would lose sight of anything more than a few centimetres away. It was really quite a strange sensation - white everywhere, like you were floating. Antony Gormley doesn't do things by halves as his previous work, The Angel of the North shows.

Not unexpectedly, cameras weren't allowed in the gallery so this snapshot I took while we were walking in will have to do.