2007-11-04 - Flying Photographer

I've just returned from what was a very action packed day. I was back at the Bundy Thunder again but this time my photography duties took me to the skies. For the best part of an hour, I was lucky enough to get a ride in this helicopter. I'd been in a chopper once before but this was an amazing experience, flying low over the river, following powerboats. Special thanks to pilot Bob for his expert flying skills!

The other thing that made it exhilarating was that all the doors were removed for the flight so there was nothing but a seat belt holding me in! The action wasn't just in the sky though, there were a couple of crashes during the day's racing (no one injured fortunately) and we witnessed the first crash from above as one boat launched over another on the turn. Quite a spectacle!

The excitement for the day didn't end there though... I also caught a ride on a wake boarding boat and had a car tyre blow out at 100km/hr (but that's another story...)