2013-01-20 - Yellow Pop

This photo was something of an experiment. When I originally bought my beloved Nikon D3, I didn't have a full-frame wide angle lens for it. I'd hoped to get a Nikon 24-70 before a trip to New Zealand but that didn't quite happen so I stuck with the 17-55. When mounted to the D3, this lens should be used in "DX" mode, meaning that only the middle part of the sensor is used, avoiding serious vignetting.

I learnt though that you can push your luck a little and use "FX" (full frame) mode even though the lens is not designed for it. This was the result and although there is quite heavy vignetting, I liked the shallow depth of field along with the relatively wide angle of view. I wasn't used to seeing this effect previously with this lens.

So the lesson is that it is good to experiment and push the boundaries sometimes!