2013-05-08 - Don't Flinch

I could go on a lot longer with my series of Fantasia photographs but I think it's time to keep moving so this will be the last image for now. It is a bit of a messy scene but it captures the drama and the showmanship of the riders.

There was a big crowd gathered along the wall at the end of the beach. I noticed as the event went on, the riders started coming closer and closer to the crowd before screeching to a stop and firing their guns, sometimes right towards the crowd.

Naturally, this caused a lot of excitement (or shock in some cases) and it seemed to be a contest of who could hold their nerve the longest. After this particular run, the people sitting at the base of the wall decided it might be a good idea to move!

For those paying close attention, you might recognise one of the riders from a previous photograph.