2013-06-03 - Five

I'm interrupting my Moroccan series today for a special post: 5 years ago today, I took delivery of this amazing machine, the Nikon D3. I still remember the feeling of first picking it up and it's hard to believe that 5 years have passed already...

This camera remains one of my biggest investments but I have not regretted it for a moment and it has brought me so much joy. It has had daily use and accompanied me all over the world on many wonderful adventures, providing me with a beautiful record of it all.

With a total of 110,357 frames on the clock, this camera has handled everything I've thrown at it without skipping a beat. I know it's just a tool but I really do love this camera. How's that for a testimonial? (Nikon, if you're listening, I'm open to being sponsored! haha)

About this photo: it was captured while on the beautiful Milford Track in New Zealand in 2010. I will share photographs from that trip in future posts.

Until then, happy birthday D3! Cheers to many more happy clicks :-)