2013-06-15 - Mr Cool

Some people like spotting trains and planes but for me, it has always been cars. I don't know when my fascination started but one of my earliest memories is attending the Earl's Court Motor Show in London with my Dad sometime around the beginning of the 90's. I came away with many posters and booklets from that day, some of which remained on my bedroom wall at home for the next 15+ years. One day I hope to be able to produce some car photographs worthy of a place on a poster.

Until then, I'll keep on practicing whenever I get the opportunity - like with this shot, which I grabbed while at a local shopping centre. The lighting wasn't ideal but I have always been a big fan of Porsche and was immediately drawn to the classic profile view. Something I've noticed is that people with cool cars seem to take a lot more pride in the way they park them. This 911 Carrera was on full display near one of the entrances. The number plate was "MR COOL", which I'm not sure is necessary - maybe overstating the obvious a bit!