2005-03-29 - The Lair

Read the following in your best David Attenborough voice:

Every full moon, from the lair emerges a strange creature... Camera in one hand tripod in the other, on a mission to capture hidden visions of the night. Known in the scientific community as 'photographer-nocturnus', this species is quite rare and its habits are shrouded in mystery.

No, I haven't gone crazy (not totally anyway), I just thought I'd try a bit of a different introduction for today's photo. As the commentary suggests, this was taken at night, 11:32pm to be exact, under a full moon. I really like the surreal effects you can get from longer exposures on moonlit nights. Moonlight after all, is just reflected sunlight.

My favourite part of this photo is the sky with the windswept clouds and stars in the background. I like the contrasts in colour, shape and motion created between the blue swirling sky and the static, angular structure of the glowing building. Overall I'm very happy with this shot and I will be trying more like this in the future. Photographer-nocturnus shall return.