2005-03-30 - The Lair 2

I'm not feeling quite as creative with the description as I was yesterday so instead, here are a few technical details since I didn't really include them for yesterday's shot (which was quite similar) - Nikon D70, 18-70mm lens @ 40mm, F/4.5, 30 second exposure, ISO 800 and, of course, a tripod! That's all there is to it really. No other post processing apart from a bit of tweaking - the rest of the colour and lighting is real. I love how the camera can show us things we would never otherwise be able to see.

Again, I like the contrasts in this shot, especially the unreal yellow glow from the window. I think the whole shot has good energy and motion and I like the pattern of the corrugations in the roof. Having said all that, I'm not totally sure about the balance of this shot - I feel like I should crop it but I don't want to lose the aspect ratio or remove too much of the sky. So in the end, I have left it as is but would appreciate any compositional suggestions anyone might have!