2006-04-22 - Good Morning Milford!

Today's photo is a bit of a rush job in terms of the the editing (conversion from RAW format and the tweaking of curves in an attempt to extract as much dynamic range as possible). The results are not perfect and I just noticed I've blown out the clouds in a few places. When I have more time, I'll have to try processing it again.

Technical details aside, this is the view that greeted us after a night on the ship (that's our larger sister ship in the foreground). When we had anchored the previous evening, it was raining quite heavily but that did nothing to dampen spirits as we set off in kayaks to explore the Sound. I wasn't able to take any photos but it was an absolutely brilliant experience paddling out into the middle of the Sound in the pouring rain, feeling completely dwarfed by the immense mountains all around. It is hard to describe the feeling of being out there, immersed in nature but I know it is an experience I won't soon forget.

After the kayaking, we returned to the ship, completely soaked from the rain. Since we were already wet and cold, we decided to go for a swim. The crew opened a little side door and let us jump off the ship. In the end, only three of us jumped in, while the other passengers gave us odd looks. They probably thought we were insane...