2013-01-03 - Green is for GO

This is only my third day back at posting a daily photograph and I find myself with a new challenge - lots to share and no clear idea of where to start. I want to keep it interesting so I'm going to jump around a bit...

Today's photo comes from Shanghai, China in 2010. I chose this image because it represents one of my photographic goals for the year: to do more automotive photography. For as long as I can remember, I've been captivated by cars, particularly the more exotic breeds, and when I was growing up, my walls were always covered with car posters. As a discipline, automotive photography is quite a challenge from a technical point of view because you're often trying to light and photograph highly reflective, oddly shaped surfaces. I like a challenge and I think (hope?!) that my skills as a photographer have developed enough now to start tackling this subject seriously. I keep hearing people say that you should do what you love so this year it's time for me to put that into practice!

PS: If anyone has an amazing car they want me to photograph, let me know!

PPS: If anyone from Top Gear is reading this, I'd love to work for you guys one day :-)