2013-07-16 - Beat Machine

Peter Antunes on drums with the House of Vibe and Chali 2na at Island Vibe Festival in 2011.

Today marks a special milestone for me: nine years ago today, I started on a simple journey that has changed my life more than I could have ever imagined. That journey was into the world of more serious photography, marked by the purchase of my first digital SLR, a Nikon D70. At the time it was quite a serious investment so I made a promise to myself that I'd use it every day and I'm proud to say, I've managed to keep that up for the last 3288 days. Obviously the D70 has since been replaced but I've kept the daily routine with each camera I've had.

Each year on this day, I take a bit of time to reflect on what photography means to me and more than ever, I am grateful that I've found my true passion and also a challenging but fulfilling career. My head spins when I think about all the amazing adventures I've been on thanks to photography and most importantly, all the wonderful people I've met. None of this would have been possible had it not been for the love and support of my family and friends. For this, I'm forever thankful.