2013-07-17 - Elevated Bass

As a live music photographer, I've learned you have to be very opportunistic. You have no control over your subjects and no control over the lighting, so all you can do is be ready for whatever might happen... I love it! There's something very exhilarating when everything falls into place and you're able to capture a fleeting moment.

This photograph of Chali 2na performing at Island Vibe Festival with The House of Vibe was one of those moments. I saw Corey Cofield, the bass player, jump and at the same time all the lights came on. Fortunately I'd guessed the right settings and this was the result. The only thing I wasn't happy with was the framing because it is a bit skewed but sometimes it's more important to get the moment. Next time I'll be aiming for both :)

Maybe this is what pushes fishermen - always looking for that elusive next catch...